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About Us

 This platform was initially created in 2016 to showcase and support up coming and experienced stand up comedians that might not be famous, but can deliver the same level of  top notch performance.

Still holding the same model, having worked with about 300+ hand selected international comedians, 

In 2019, Hamburg International Comedy took a step further by starting to feature established comedians as seen on Netflix, Comedy Central, BBC and the online viral sensations.

With emphasis on events' uniqueness, every event has its own and always with a total different line up of comedians.
As part of promoting the growth of cultural activities, our events cater for both, local and international residents,

Our events happen monthly at multiple locations with a general attendance of 300-2000 people. 

You are most likely to see our stand up comedy events  in Europe, South East Asia, East and South Africa.

Ready to experience some comedy..🐬

come through, we are always humbled to invite you ☺️


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