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About Us

Founded by Hamburg based, Tanzania’s international stand up comedian, “Captain Khalid”. This platform was initially created in 2016 to showcase and support up coming and experienced stand up comedians that might not be famous, but can deliver the same level of  top notch performance.

Still holding the same model, having worked with about 300+ international comedians, in 2019 Hamburg International Comedy also started featuring established comedians as seen on Netflix, Comedy Central, BBC and the online viral sensations.

By emphasising on events' uniqueness, every show has its own and always with a total different line up of comedians.
As part of promoting the growth of cultural activities in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, our events cater for both, local and international Hamburgers, happening monthly at multiple locations with a general attendance of 300-2000 people.
During the pandemic Hamburg International Comedy moved the showcases online, servicing an average of 150 households. 

Hamburg International Comedy also routinely does multi national stand up comedy tours in Europe, SouthEast Asia, East and SouthAfrica as part of scouting for comedians to showcase in Hamburg so, always look out for our line up.

This is to make sure not only are we realising our vision and growth, but at the same time, delivering the intended social impact.

At the time where Stand Up Comedy didn't exist in Hamburg, let alone a regular english stand up comedy event, without enough capital and a restricted work visa, We started by collecting pfund bottles in the streets of Hamburg to raise enough money to cover venue cost and comedians fees.This took about 4 months.The first event only had 2 people, So We introduced ‘’English Comedy and Free Pizza’’ which then at least 70 people showed up, we thought it was for the pizza, but the platform grew ever since .

Ready to experience some comedy..🐬 come through, we are always humbled to invite you ☺️


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